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Trails and Routes to Explore With A Motor Cycle Club

The Troll Ladder of Norway

The land in which the roads defy gravity is The Trollstigen, which is also the stuff of legends. With a nine degree descent, this stretch has 11 hairpin bends and is situated between Trondheim and Bergen, in Rauma. This road is always wet and foggy. The viewing platform present right at the top has bike riders hovering around all the time. 

Tibet to the Everest

Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan run their operations in The Himalayas, which are the world’s highest mountain peaks.  The ultimate destination for most bikers is the Mt. Everest that is easiest to reach from the Tibetan side. Bikers who take this trail also prefer riding the Indian Royal Enfield. 

Great Ocean Road

Located between Torquay to Warrnambool, a stretch in Australia that makes it to the top of every list is Victoria’s B100. Created between 1919 and 1932 the Great Ocean Road has a lot of activities that a motorcyclist loves. The stunning views, lovely bends, and the fantastic wildlife in the neighborhood offers a completely excellent ride experience. The entire stretch can be covered in a day, but if you love to explore and enjoy it then make sure you take two whole days. You can enjoy the sights only if you decide to stop between rides. Though the entire trip is beautiful, the road between Lorne and Apollo Bay is the best you can ask for.

The Ride to the Bottom of the World

Running from the top of Alaska up to the tip of South America is the Pan-American Highway which also includes a break at 100km in between. This gap is called the Darien Gap and is located between Panama and Colombia. You get to ride through Patagonia which is barren and cold, but when you reach the island of Tierra del Fuego, you will be amazed by the forests and lakes you encounter. Finally you will arrive at Ushuaia which is the final destination on this route.

The Amalfi Coast of Italy

Not particularly for the faint- hearted, the SS145 situated between Salerno and Sorrento which are Southern Italian cities, is about 60km long. You will most likely share the outside of a cliff with a bus, and this is precisely why this ride is a no-no if you are weak at heart. You will find yourself taking a lot of breaks to consume the mesmerizing scenery along with villages that are brightly painted.

The Trans Siberia in Russia

The fact that Russia is the biggest country will sink in only when you take the 10000km ride starting from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg. The country is such that riders try to tick their bucket list by even riding in the winters. The locals are amiable, and the stretch is filled with historic cities and forests making it a great route for a summer bike ride too.

The Norwegian coast to North Cape

The northernmost part of Europe, the North Cape or the Nordkapp doesn’t need any specific reason for a visit. However, getting there requires you to travel through the coast along the E39 and E6 from Bergen which makes a highly convoluted ride. It is a journey spanning 2300km, involving ferries and impressive scenery.