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Top Reasons to Join a Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle clubs have been given a bad reputation over the years. For some, they are a source of fun and brotherhood, and for others, they are nothing but trouble. Despite what outsiders may feel about motorcycle clubs, there are many benefits and great reasons to be a part of a motorcycle club. Here are several reasons why every biker should join a motorcycle club.


Joining a motorcycle club allows you to become part of something bigger than yourself. The brotherhood and togetherness of the group you join is such a great feeling, as with any club, but especially motorcycle clubs. When joining a riding club, you are joining a group of individuals that value loyalty and will treat you like family, and you’ll become family, before long. Your fellow riders will have your back and be there for you whenever you need. The riders share trust, respect, and dedication to riding. There’s really nothing like it.


Connect with other riders

Being a part of a motorcycle club allows you to meet and connect with other riders. It allows you to come in contact with different people than you normally would on a daily basis. There’s nothing like getting together with a group of people that you actually have something in common with. You get to share your love for motorcycles and riding, you get to embark on motorcycle adventures, and you get to bond with one another. Also, when you travel to other places and go to bike fests and shows, the amount of riders that you meet is amazing. You get to meet new faces, experience new things, and there’s nothing more exciting.

Ride safer

It goes without saying that riding in a group is much safer than riding solo. In the event that something unexpected happens, whether your tire blows out or you run into some trouble, you have a group of other riders right there with you who can lend a helping hand. It’s a great feeling knowing that you have a pack that has your back while riding. There’s nothing better than knowing someone has your back, just as you have theirs. Of course, everyone has friends and family that they’re willing to protect and they will protect you back, but being a part of a riding group is different. Whether you’re friends or not, it just goes without saying that they’re going to protect you and you’re going to protect them, no matter what.


When riding in a group, you’re going to get way more attention than if you were riding solo. When you ride alone, you fly by people so fast that they rarely even notice you to begin with, unless your bike is making a ton of noise. However, when you ride with your club, you are riding in style and everyone around is going to notice you. If you think that you have to be famous in order for every eyeball in a nearby vicinity to be on you, think again! In a rider’s group, you get so much attention and instant respect, no matter where you go. People automatically want to be seen with you and your bike. It’s a great feeling. Something else to consider when riding in a group is that you can use your bike for advertisement. Because so many people have their eyes on you when you ride with your pack, it’s a great idea to display some sort of advertisement on your bike or on your back. Whether it’s your business, the club, or a friend’s product, you can get many people to inquire about whatever it is you’re offering because of how many people are noticing you while riding with your club.

Become a better rider

There’s no better way to make sure you know all of the ins and outs of riding than to ride with a club full of veteran riders. Whether you are a new biker or seasoned, there’s always room to improve. The other members of the club can help you when it comes to tips and tricks of riding. They can teach you new techniques, shortcuts, and how to better take care of your bike. Everyone always wants to be the best they can at everything they do, so joining a club is a great way to get better at riding.

Motorcyclists riding near mountains
Motorcyclists riding near mountains

Aside from all the great reasons listed above, riding with a motorcycle club is just plain fun. There’s not too many things I enjoy more than I do riding with all of my pals. When I’m not riding with the club, I prefer to read books, find games to play online, and try out new leisure activities, as these things truly bring me joy. No matter what I’m doing, though, I can never stay off of my bike for too long. Whether you are an aspiring rider, beginner, or veteran, you should definitely join a motorcycle club, for all of these reasons and more.