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Top Apps for Motorcycle Club Riders

The 21st century is ruled by smartphones, the internet, social media, and other mobile technology. There are applications developed for gaming, banking, traveling, and even in investing in the stock market.

Apps for Motorcycle Club Riders

Motorcycle club riders can make the most of this modern trend by downloading some handy apps on their mobile devices. Here is a short list of top applications that can indeed be helpful to motorcyclists on the road.

Everything in One App – Eat Sleep Ride

Nothing can spell out convenience than having an application that could do the work of several. For motorcycle riders, Eat Sleep Ride has been developed especially for your purpose. Other than easy and navigable interface, this app can save information on your rides. Replaying vital information like lean angle, elevation, and speed is easy along with the most common routes that you need. The most hyped feature of this app is called Crashlight, which enables the user’s device to detect motorcycle accidents and crashes. The application will then send an emergency alert to your friends and family’s contact numbers that you have pre-selected.

For Route Tracking and Sharing – Rever

A nice feature of this application is that it is more than for tracking and sharing as it also focuses on creating a community for motorcycle club riders. Using Rever, users can easily find fellow club members of friends and join them along for a ride. Statistics, such as distance, speed, and elevation, is also recorded. Viewing and sharing fast and enjoyable routes are made easy using Rever.

For Route Tracking and Sharing – Rever

Easy to be Practical – FuelLog and Gas Buddy

Motorcycle riders need not worry much about keeping track of vehicle maintenance, mileage, and gas consumption as FuelLog can do it for you. Being more economical is possible with this application as can compute the cost of the fuel factoring in the distance and the duration. This is very much recommended to business owners that use motorcycles for ride or courier services too.

On the other hand, if your goal is to find the cheapest gas prices in the area, then you should have Gas Buddy on your phone. The app is useable for both car drivers and motorcycle riders. The information in the application can be really counted on to be reliable, with over 50 million users and constant updates on gas prices.

Anticipating Weather – Dark Sky and NOAA Weather Radar

Weather can be the most challenging adversary of motorcycle riders. Many weather apps can be downloaded on your device to help you plan safer and more efficient rides. Both the NOAA Weather Radar app and the Dark Sky make use of radar technology and satellite imagery to bring users up-to-date weather information in their area. However, Dark Sky, in addition to satellite and radar information, also makes use of ground reports from other users.

Pump up the Volume – SpeakerBoost

There is nothing more enjoyable to motorcycle enthusiasts than to hear the roaring of the bike’s engine and perhaps to feel the cool breeze past their face on their rides. It may be quite dangerous, and against road safety but in case you prefer listening to music while riding on the road, SpeakerBoost can help boost up the sound quality of your device so that you can still enjoy your music or listen to the news.