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The Dangers of Motor Cycling – Learning from Just-Misses

Life on two wheels is dangerous. Motorcyclists have a higher chance of getting into accidents than those who drive cars. Motorcyclists experience many close calls on the road due to visibility issues and drivers who drive dangerously. You can still be struck by bad luck and have an accident even if you are prepared. Riders are not danger free; however, they can maintain a safe passage on their routes because there is regard for the unspoken rules of the club. These encounters below are examples of the dangers of motorcycling, what riders can learn from it, and how riders avoid it. 

Better Safe Than Sorry

Riders commute from south-west London to east London every single day for the whole year. They encounter a close call each day of their daily commute. They have been nearly killed by all types of drivers, like drunk drivers and street racers.

 The riders drive safely, use their turn signals, makes sure that the turns are safe, and they don’t race other bikers when they meet at the traffic lights. Most riders think to themselves that they would rather not meet their end and

stick to the rules at all times.  Whenever a rider conflicts with another rider, they tell them what their name is, that they have a family and that they are human too. They request an apology and an admission of guilt for forgiveness. In the end, a peaceful encounter is achieved.

A Leg or Your Life?

A car was on a rural road when it ran into an unfortunate rider. The incident caused the unfortunate rider to lose his leg. The rider went to the hospital and spent four months there but had to decapitate his leg. He managed to get back on the road with a prosthetic one after months and years of therapy. Today he is more careful on the road and is trying to make sure other riders have a higher awareness of the consequences of being careless. Cases like this are what you will learn at a motorcycle club. Instances like this only go to show how much motorists care about others and spread awareness to save more lives.

Suffering Produces Character

A young rider was going fast down the main road near his house when a car suddenly drove out of a side road and hit him. In the collision, he broke his femur, some ligaments in his right knee, nose, and fingers. He was lucky to have some vegetables in his jacket as he was returning from a grocery run. Thanks to a few veggies, his vital organs were saved. The young rider was alright in the end too. The compensation he got from the driver that hit him, let him buy a new house, but initially, he wanted to buy a new bike. This rider is the perfect example of a rider who has managed to learn from the fear than allow for the fear to take over. A near miss danger to teach others that fear should be combatted.