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Riding For Charity – Motorcycle Club Riders With A Vision

Television series, Hollywood films, and news of outlaw gangs and their criminal activities have set the public opinion against motorcycle clubs. When asked about these particular group of people, most associate their existence with organized crime, gang wars, and all-around recklessness. Even some of these can really be considered as facts some motorcycle clubs that have no connection whatsoever to crime suffer from these stereotypes. Most of the clubs are really just for motorcycle lovers, racers, and enthusiasts and only more or less one percent of them are really a front for organized crime. Some of them even hold events for the benefit of charities.

Australian Sikh Bike Club

The Sikh Motorcycle Club was founded in April 2015 in Australia. At present, it now has 30 members and one of which is a female. As the name of the club suggests, almost all of the biker members are Sikhs who immigrated to Australia. The club’s primary purpose when it was founded was simple to enjoy Australia, all the sights and attractions it has to offer, while astride their favorite bikes.

However, this Australian Sikh Motorcycle Club is not only an association for fun and excitement as they have contributed a lot of time in joining charity rides and donated thousands of dollars to charitable causes. They have shown their support for Khalsa Aid, which operates in Asian countries like Nepal and Syria and many others where organized aid is needed. They have also lent a hand in supporting the Brain Cancer Foundation and the Australian Sikh Support. For their commitment to charity work, they have received commendation and a celebration from Melbourne’s Springvale Sikh Community.

Biker Gangs and Charities

Aside from Australia’s Sikh Motorcycle Club, other bike clubs worldwide have shown that they also commit time and effort for worthy causes and people in need. An example would be the infamous American gang, the Hells Angels, who in spite of their notorious reputation and criminal status organizes annual toy drives for children and donate to various charities.

An essential international organization, Bikers Against Child Abuse, had been founded by John Paul “Chief” Lilly in 1995. BACA, as envisioned by its biker and social worker founder, exists to help and empower children who have been victims of abuse. Members of BACA have dedicated themselves to provide support and intervention to those who need them.

On the other hand, bikers are also concerned about the issue of animal cruelty. This is the reason behind Justice Rescue, a biker association founded in 2011 which seeks to eliminate animal abuse in society especially towards Pit Bulls. The founders and the members are proud to announce that they do work in the underbellies of society where they are needed the most.

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club is another organization that not only seeks camaraderie and a shared enthusiasm for motorcycles as they also dedicate themselves to various charitable causes. Most of the group’s members are African-Americans, and they named themselves to commemorate Black soldiers in the era after the American Civil War. They give time and effort in feeding the homeless, building homes for Habitat for Humanity, and even providing scholarships for poor or underprivileged graduating high school students.