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Red Bull Ring Is Getting a New Chicane

Since the beverage company Red Bull bought the former Österreichring, the racetrack has been on the upswing. The financial commitment of the new owner has since ensured that Formula 1 and MotoGP are here to stay. Moreover, numerous industries and businesses have benefited from the circuit for years. However, critics always have something on their radar and one one curve of the racetrack is no exception. Severe accidents in the previous year prompted critical responses and the need for reconstruction of the Red Bull Ring in Austria. The circuit should get a new track just next year. Above all, the owners will redesign one curve quite extensively as they will install a chicane in the area in question. This new curve should ensure more safety in MotoGP in the future. As early as next year, the drivers will have the opportunity to test these innovations in a race.

Safety First

After lengthy discussions in the past, the decision has finally been made now. Construction work will start in November of this year and, after the completion of the project, the two-wheel races on the Red Bull Ring should be safer. We currently expect that the work will continue throughout the winter. Everything should be ready for the race right on time for the start of the MotoGP season. After the renovation, the route itself will be used in two different ways.

Two Different Layouts

The new layout follows the requirements of MotoGP events. However, all other races can also use this new route. For the racing drivers, this means that they will find another double curve in the future. This change reduces the pace at this point. For Formula 1, however, nothing should change. The participants will continue to drive the route in the future like they are used to. The curve names remain as they were even after the conversion.

Another Accident

Track cleaning after crash

From the driver’s point of view, the conversion in Austria is not a day too early. After all, there have been three red flags in the last three races. Every time the race had to be interrupted after a severe accident. In 2020, the accident was a collision between Johann Zarco and Franco Morbidelli as well as a brake defect of Maverick Vinales. This year a fire caused a stir. A wildcard starter Dani Pedrosa’s KTM crashed into Lorenzo Savadori’s motorcycle and caught on fire. Although Savadori got away with a broken ankle, the discussion about the track flared up again almost immediately.

Even experienced pilots have safety concerns. They also see curve three as problematic. The hard braking points are complex and put people as well as their vehicles under tremendous pressure. The drivers are currently coming out of turn two at 300 kilometers per hour and have to break down to 55 kilometers per hour. However, that should change with the rebuilding of curve 2. Fans and race circuit owners now hope that the renovation will solve these unfortunate problems and reduce the number of accidents.