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Motor Cycle Clubs -Why are they so Popular

Back in the high school days, we had the so-called “high school clubs” permitted by the school administration to carry out the role of an organization with a myriad of tasks. These tasks were explicitly targeted to address student’s needs. Nowadays, out in the real world, the concept has been magnified into numerous organizations with specific functions and purposes. In essence, the idea of joining a club would come as a result of finding your common interest. Indeed, no man is an island, and although there is an exception to the general rule, people are social beings. They have a sense of belongingness, find common ground, being mutually understood is just part of the innate state of humans. Hence joining clubs helps people to join their counterparts whom they feel comfortable with to air their opinions with.

Not Everything You Hear is True

Today, however, when you hear the words “motorcycle club,” we quickly associate it to the way it is being depicted in movies or TV series such as “Sons of Anarchy.” These shows are less based on real events and entirely set on plots created by certain individuals that are mostly built on fantasy. So what are motorcycle clubs? And why is it that there is increasing popularity of these clubs, especially in the westernized countries?

Motorcyclists can vary according to their objectives and interest. Some assemble motorbikes with purposes corresponding to the style of driving that people desire; others acquire a motorcycle simply because they like the brand or the model of the bike. When a group of motorcyclists get together and explore various trails and routes, they form a club. Sometimes, these clubs offer the opportunity to converse, swap, trade, or simply hang out with like-minded people. And just as a typical organization would need office bearers, the motorcycle club also elects office bearers and systematic annual office serving times.

When the general populous assumes that you are part of the motorcycle club, it’s all bad news and disadvantage encounters. People associate motorcycle clubs with abuse of free will, engaging in criminal activities or rebelling without actual cause. However, the inverse is quite fascinatingly very true. No individual who is associated with motorcycle clubs out there can be engaged in the so-called “Rebels without a cause.” This is just public brainwash from media and Hollywood. There is a hierarchy to every club, and respect and loyalty don’t come easy.

Motorcycle clubs build their structure on cores such as brotherhood and family. This is a concept that displays looking out for each other, lending to help their families progress. They are composed of ordinary people with regular day Jobs, and motorcycle clubs are not comprised of criminals, drug abusers, or any negativity as displayed and influenced by Hollywood. Mutual understanding is an essential pillar of their relationship with the communities. Their core values are displayed when you observe their support and positive impact activities. The attraction to join a motorcycle club increases because of their fantastic activities like charity programs for health awareness and feeding and clothing the needy. Peoples interests are captured, and their weaknesses are addressed with strength from the club. In fact, these clubs make people feel safer and secure.