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Mature Rider Ailments and The Cruiser – To Choose or Not to Choose

Seasoned riders will start to experience pains and aches that will make them want to get a cruiser so they can get rid of the discomfort they experience. But it depends on various factors if a cruiser is the right choice, even if the riding position on a cruiser is more relaxed. The ailments that affect the mature rider is what will tell you if a cruiser will be the best bike to ride for them. The usual ailments that a mature rider will have are a terrible back, arthritic hands, dodgy hips, and crook knees.

The Cruiser With Ailments

  • If you have a bad back – A cruiser isn’t the right choice if you’re suffering from a bad back. When you’re sitting on a cruiser, your relaxed position will have your spine upright or curving. This kind of spine position will make it so that if you go over any bumps, your backbone will be taking the brunt of the force of the bumps. You can’t prevent the force exerted onto your back with your legs since they’ll be facing forward and not under you. You may not be physically able to use your arms to try and take away the strain and stress that is put onto your back depending on the cruiser’s handlebars. Your body’s weight will be directed towards the seat, which will make your back sore. If you want to alleviate the problem, then consider purchasing a backrest.
palm rest for motorcycles
  • If you have arthritic hands – If your hands have arthritis affecting them, then if you go on trips without using cruise control, you’ll be experiencing severe pain. You should consider buying a palm rest that will make it, so your fingers don’t have to wrap around the throttle. You’ll need to find a bike that has handlebars that aren’t too far or low. The bike will also need to have thick handlebars, so you wouldn’t grip the bars with your hand more than what’s comfortable.
  • If you have dodgy hips – If you’re someone with hip problems, then you might be thinking that a cruiser would be the best choice since it has a relaxed sitting position. But you have to consider the size of the fuel tank of the bike, which will make your legs spread apart if it’s wide. Spreading your legs makes your hip muscles feel a sensation of being pinched. So it will be the best choice to find a cruiser that has a narrow fuel tank, so your legs don’t spread apart too much.
  • If you have crook knees – You won’t be able to get anything that has a knee bend that’s tight if you’re going to be needing surgery on your knee done. The knee bend being tight will make it uncomfortable. But if you find a bike that has a riding position that has your knee in a neutral position, then you’ll be alright if you make your leg straighten every once in a while. However, it will be more challenging to do if your feet are behind your body.

The course of action that’s best for you if you have crook knees is buying a cruiser where you’ll be having your legs in a position where they are straight. You could also install some highway bars so you can let your feet rest, but it’ll keep your feet far from the brake controls and essential gear.