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Fuel Economy Tips For Motorcycle Club Riders

The fuel economy of a motorcycle is one of the reasons that people pick a bike as their method of commuting. Cars won’t be able to match the fuel economy of a modern motorcycle. That being said, you should make sure you’re making good use of your bike’s fuel economy, so you save as much money as possible. For bikers to be able to save on their fuel, there are some things that they need to be aware of. If the motorcycle is being used carelessly, the chances are that you might end up using more fuel than it is designed to handle. Plus, if you are adopting only a few tactics to save fuel, you might miss out on the full capabilities of fuel consumption from your motorbike. Here are ways that you can adopt to save fuel and maximize your use.

Keep Your Ride Maintained

The biggest thing that will help reduce your motorcycle’s fuel usage is to make sure that it is in good condition. You’ll have to check the engine of the bike and maintain it as needed. If the engine of a motorcycle is in poor condition, then it will become inefficient at consuming fuel. The inefficiency of fuel usage leads to long-term fuel issues. There are some things you’ll have to look out for specifically, like the spark plug’s gaps or the valve seat’s clearances. Make sure you change the oil when you have to, and you’re using the correct oil. Periodically, you will have to replace your fuel and air filters. You’ll be improving the efficiency of your engine if you keep it under watch and maintain it properly.

Change Up Your Way Of Riding

Stop racing – Ride Smoothly

You don’t have to make it a race to get from one stoplight to the next stoplight. Keeping your ride going smooth and keeping your speed slow will make your fuel economy grow. You shouldn’t downshift unless you desperately need to, and don’t rev your engine for no reason at all. Making yourself and your bike more aerodynamic will make your motorcycle more efficient with using fuel. If you wear a helmet that covers your whole face, it’ll be more efficient than wearing a helmet that only covers half of your face. Try to remove saddlebags that you don’t need since they’ll be causing drag. Wind resistance increases when you go faster, so try to slow down as much as possible. Speaking of slowing down, try not to go on unnecessary trips. Try to fit whatever it is you need to do into a single trip.

Make Sure You Don’t Weigh Too Much

Motorcycles are usually built to hold one or two people. You shouldn’t have too much weight on your bike since that will cause the engine to work overdrive for the unforeseen weight. Try to reduce the number of things you bring every day or replace the parts of your bike with lighter ones. The weight of your body will affect your fuel economy, so try to maintain your body if your weight is high.

Good Quality Fuel And Tyres

Having fuel that is good quality is a good investment that will eventually save money. If you have fuel that’s bad quality, then your motorcycle will suffer in the long run. You shouldn’t put too much fuel into your bike since it will cause issues. In your motorcycle’s fuel tank, the gas will expand when it’s being used. Make sure the pressure of your tires is the right amount. If the pressure is too low, then you’ll experience drag, which will cause more fuel to be used. If there’s too much pressure in the tires, then your tires will wear out faster, and your rides will be rough.